Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Making hay while the sun shines...

Every summer we would visit my father's parents on their farm "Indergård" at Batnfjordsøra on the northern part of Norway's west coast. Farfar and Farmor had a small farm with horses, sheep and chickens. I can't remember cows, but I am sure they were there. Farfar bred fjord horses, and this one was called Topsy. She was my favourite

I remember this summer day when the hay was being brought into the barn from the fields. My brother and I  had to help. Our job was to stay in the haycart and as the hay was loaded into it by the grown ups, we would flatten it to make room for more. When the cart was full we would steer Topsy back to the barn feeling ever so clever....  Little did we know that Topsy just needed starting off and she would faithfully walk back to the barn. 

The day this photo was taken I had been asked if I wanted to ride Topsy down to the field. I think I was having a strop about something, so I rather petulantly said "no!" and that I didn't want to go. "Ok" said my dad, and they all started down the road to the field. I changed my mind and started crying. Howling, probably....
My dad came up the hill and picked me up. I was quite convinced I had been abandoned, and was so happy he came back for me. I didn't get to ride Topsy on the way down, but on the way back I sat there and reigned supreme (or should that be 'reined'?....)

I can still imagine the smell and feel of the hay and remember Topsy. I hope she is in a happy place with all the apples she can eat :)


  1. Loved this... I can just imagine you having a fit... :-)

    1. yep..... and some things don't change :)