Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We have a rabbit called Spartacus Sniffles (the children of the household could not disagree which of the names, so she has both)
I love rabbits, and our lop-eared cashmere bunny is very soft, but a bit grumpy so she doesn't get cuddled a lot except by me since she bites everyone else. She even scares the neighbourhood cats.

My gratitude today has to do with rabbits... sort of...

Pondering the the mathematical problem of population growth of rabbits, starting with one pair,  let this man - Leonardo Fibonacci - come up with a solution known as the Fibonacci sequence
This sequence is a series of numbers 
0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, 34.... finding the next number by adding the previous two... so simple... so clever.
I'm not a fan of maths, but this sequence fascinates me because how it pops up in nature and all around us. 

in a sunflower

in a sea shell

in space


I am grateful for this earth we live on. When I look at the marvels of nature and these patterns that are everywhere, there is no doubt in my mind of a divine Creator.

I am so grateful that when God created this world for us to have our mortal experience, He not only made it functional, but He made it beautiful! He made it a place of wonder with stunning landscapes, great varieties of flora and fauna.

Particular mention shall go to the cacao bean which makes chocolate possible.

 I'm very grateful for chocolate.


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