Tuesday, January 22, 2013

new beginnings

haha... as I started to type the title, typo struck and I typed in "biginnings" - how appropriate now that I contemplate starting up a healthier lifestyle :)

I haven't updated the blog for awhile but will start off with a short cavalcade of snapshots from the past month

dismantling and selling the jungle gym which went to another family with 2 boys and a little girl. We trust that they will love it every bit as much as we did :)

playing in the hammock - this time setting off on a voyage across the ocean. "Life of Pi"? 2 people and a carnivorous ladybird makes for a great adventure.

Turtle and his friend went busking in our local shopping centre to earn themselves some money. I think their hourly rate works out almost as much as mine, so I am considering a change of career :)
(although, I think half their earning capacity is due to them being so very handsome... I don't think I have as much style as them)

Holiday Luxury 1
Stopping for icecream. Why buy little bars of icecream when you can get a great pot of your favourite and just share?

Holiday Luxury 2
French toast made from ciabatta served with fresh strawberries and maple syrup

Holiday Luxury 3
Burgers at the Wholly Cow cafe in Sawtell. Nuff said.

Hanging out with cousins at the blowhole in Sawtell.

Reading and generally relaxing. Beach a bonus.

It was lovely.

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