Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YW M3 L 30 Scripture study

I have been looking forward to teaching this lesson for ages. If there is one thing I would love for my YW to have, it would be a love of the scriptures - to have them come alive and to be a source of testimony, knowledge, guidance, strength and comfort.

My focus in the lesson will be on Feasting on the Word -  I will be bringing in some truly scrumptious triple choc fudge brownies to illustrate as well as this cartoon by Snoopy - someone who seems to do 'feasting' really well! I am planning to discuss ways to get the most out of scripture study, questions to ask ourselves while reading so that we truly understand and liken the scriptures to ourselves.

Still pondering  the details...

For another handout I will use the one above (from LDS Handouts). Quite a few of the girls have notebooks where they are gluing in the handouts from the lesson to save them so I am happy to provide.

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